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As Principal, I have been instrumental in the management of the school and training of staff in their approach to their work with a high standard of excellence. Teachers are encouraged to treat each child as special thus ensuring personal care for each student.

Discipline is firm and is paramount in our school. Implementing strong leadership and focus on our teaching strategies means that our teachers become counsellor, supervisor and friend to the students. This inspires and motivates maximum learning and promotes respect for leadership. It would be almost impossible to teach children who have more rights given to them than the teachers do. There must be clear distinction of roles or the children have no boundaries, becoming disrespectful and both teaching and learning becomes almost impossible. This sends out the wrong message and causes the teacher/student relationship to regress rather than progress.


It is my hope that each student will benefit from their time spent at Tabernacle School and that they will find it both a fruitful and rewarding experience.


Paulette Wilson


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