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Jonathan Habte

Graduated in 2012

After leaving Tabernacle I went to St. Michael's Catholic Grammar School to study the three sciences and math and eventually went to Queen Mary University to study Physics. After graduation, I ended up getting a job as a DevOps engineer. Tabernacle School benefited me by giving me the education to pass my GCSE's, as my previous school was not teaching the national curriculum and they supported me every step of the way to make sure I was ready for my exams.

The education was very good, when I first joined the school I was getting F's and U's on the practice paper for English, Science and Maths and ended up getting A-B in all subjects with two years of teaching. The teachers were very supportive every step of the way, sacrificing their time after hours to help ensure we were ready for exams.

Miles Nanton

Graduated in 2004

I could not be more grateful to Tabernacle School for the support and opportunities provided during my studies which have allowed me to expand my ambitious horizons. I am now a Founder & Head Product Designer of my own digital design agency.

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